Welcome to ReligiMedia – an occasional blog that investigates and reflects on references to religion and spirituality in entertainment media (especially television).  The blog is managed by primary content writer Stephen J. Lind, PhD, Visiting Assistant Professor at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, VA.  To rePrint content or to Contribute, please contact: ReligiMedia@Gmail.com.  Please Subscribe to ensure that you hear when we have a new post, and be sure to share on Facebook, Twitter, and across your other networks.

Copyright Stephen J. Lind, 2013.  Materials included are intended to fall under a Fair Use cultural/historical critique umbrella.  All images are screen captures created by ReligiMedia, protected properties used with permission from the rights holder, public domain works, or are copyright Stephen J. Lind.  If you are a copyright holder of any properties referenced in this site and are concerned over the inclusion of your properties, please contact ReligiMedia@Gmail.com.

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